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We are rhubarbTV. It’s an acronym. Royal Holloway’s Unique Broadcasting and Recording Brand. And that is exactly what we do, broadcast and record. We aim to cover an array of events both on and off campus in order for clubs and societies to reach a stronger audience with what it is that they do.

rhubarbTV is a television production brand based in Surrey and on YouTube worldwide. We are a hard working team of volunteers working to produce original and exciting content for a student audience and beyond, as well as a training station for individuals looking to get involved in all aspects of television, whether that be within on-screen or off-screen roles.

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rhubarbTV was founded in 2010 with no university or union funding, as well as no free access to equipment. Nevertheless, we were able to enter 12 NaSTA (National Student Television Association) Awards, with a nomination for Best News.

In 2012, we officially became one of the three ratified media outlets of the Students’ Union, joining Insanity Radio and The Orbital. Ever since, we have continually strived to develop our brand and increase our presence across campus through the content that we produce.

In December 2014, rhubarbTV moved into a new Media Suite located on the first floor of the Students’ Union Building, complete with a studio we have been able to use for certain broadcasts. We share this space with both Insanity Radio and The Orbital, establishing a cohesive media front.

In June 2016, we were very proud to host NaSTA’s People’s Choice Awards, a huge milestone for our ever-developing station.


The day-to-day functioning of the station is overseen by the Station Manager and from 2012, the Assistant Station Manager. Below is a list of previous Station Managers and Assistant Station Managers respectively:

2010 – Nicholas Stylianou (Founder)

2012 – Ashna Hurynag and Felipe Mora

2013 – Ashna Hurynag and Jack Gordon

2014 – Tim Richards and Madi Gianfrancesco

2015 – Oz Kaitis and Stephanie Rendall

2016 – Jon O’Shea and Matt Hindhaugh

2017 (current) – Owen Baldwin-Evans and Rosalind Hulse

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