Content and Production Team

This team formulates the ideas for our content, whether that be one-off shows or a full series, and then set out to produce that content. If you have a burning idea for a show, whether that be a documentary or a drama, or want to be involved with our shows in either an on-screen or off-screen role, or both, this is the team for you!


indiana pic for siterhubarbTV’s production team collaborate with all of the others. Fact or fiction, whatever you want to create, the production team is here to communicate with the right people to help your content grow. We’re looking for imaginative people to; submit show ideas and short scripts and join us in producing, directing and camera work. If this sounds like the creative outlet you need – we’re all ears!” – Indiana Wrigley, Head of Production

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camilla pic for sitePost-production is one of the main process of filmmaking and video production. It’s where all the work comes together. To be part of the post-production team would therefore make you essential to the creation of content in rhubarbTV. We are the team that makes a bunch of rushes become great videos to watch. Any member of our team can volunteer to edit a wide range of content such as promo videos, episodes of series, coffee house music sessions, news, music videos, and many others. If you are interested in learning how to edit, or acquire new skills with the software and want to create great content this is a great team to join!” – Camilla Bartoli, Head of Post-Production

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Drama and Entertainment

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“Drama ensures members to create short narratives through the use of mediums such as music, animation and film. Members cooperate by creative decision making, & compatibilizing (if that’s a word) ideas in order to create good short music/animation/films for the sake of possible showreel in rhubarbTV.” – Omar Chamsi-Pasha, Co-head of Drama and Entertainment 

harry pic for site“Entertainment covers all bases with, you guessed it, entertaining fellow students. We will be creating short Facebook/YouTube focussed content that seeks to draw viewers in, reach as large a viewership as possible and ultimately be fun for both those creating and those watching. Think comedy skits, challenges and a sprinkle of misbehaviour.” – Harry Ainsworth, Co-head of Drama and Entertainment

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oli pic for site new“The sports content team is primarily concerned with creating shows based around Royal Holloway’s sports teams, from documentaries on the various teams to highlights and reports from the various fixtures played by the teams throughout the year. This is a great opportunity to work in both media AND sports!” – Oli Rushby, Head of Sport

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sophia pic for siteWhen it’s live, it’s different. No post-production but interaction. Livestreaming can be very engaging but it is also demanding. Luckily, we have the technology to cater for high quality stream standard. We will go live on Facebook, YouTube and some other apps you may not have heard. The Live team is definitely for those who are adventurous enough to explore new ways of broadcasting. What’s more, the Live team is never only about livestreaming, it’s also a media theory study group based on the nature of the current Head of Live. If you can’t be bothered to do post-production and want some advice about your essays, join in the Live team.” – Sophia Zhang, Head of Live 

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Info coming soon!

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