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Once your an official RhubarbTV member find out more about the 6 different teams below and join any of the teams here 

We have a number of teams which individuals can become involved in once they become a member of rhubarbTV. These include:

Content and Production Team

Headed by our Head of Content (Factual), Head of Content (Non-Factual) and our Head of Production, this team formulates the ideas for our content, whether that be one-off shows or a full series, and then set out to produce that content. If you have a burning idea for a show, whether that be a documentary or a drama, or want to be involved with our shows in either an on-screen or off-screen role, or both, this is the team for you!

Post-Production Team

Headed by our Head of Post-Production, this team is responsible for editing all the content that we produce, and then publishing it on social media. rhubarbTV have access to state-of-the-art editing software, not only used for our content but also to create showreels and trailers. Whether you’re a budding editor or have zero clue how to edit, this team is suited for you!

News Team

Headed by our Head of News, this team is responsible for our regular news programme, researching stories as well as going into the local community to discover more. The News Team are also responsible for posting on our News Twitter page with the latest reports, as well as writing news articles which can be found on the website. Budding news journalists will find this team particularly appealing!

Publicity Team

Headed by our Head of Public Relations and Head of Events, this team is in charge of getting our name out there in order to increase our brand awareness. This is achieved both online via social media, using posters and other visual aids, as well as liaising with external businesses. The team is also responsible for setting up events that both publicise our brand to our target audience, and are a whole load of fun! If you have ideas for the next big event, have skills in Photoshop or want to learn all about publicity, join the team!

Live Team

Headed by our Head of Broadcasting, this team is responsible for producing our live content. If you would like to learn more about the ins and outs of livestreaming, join this team!

Outreach Team

Headed by our Head of Outreach, this team involves itself with local schools and youth groups (generally around the ages of 13-18), tutoring them with a workshop programme based on the basic ins and outs of television production. If working with young adults appeals to you, this team is the one for you!
You are able to sign up to as many teams as you like! You will be able to sign up to teams at our biannual General Meetings held in September and January where you will hear from and be able to speak to the Team Leaders in person: if you are unable to make these meetings, please get in contact with the relevant team leaders (you can find their emails by clicking here): we are all very friendly and happy to grab a coffee with you to talk about all things rhubarbTV!