The Outreach Team

eshan pic for site“Outreach will be a team of volunteers who are willing to help rhubarbTV collaborate with the local community. So this means, working with local schools and colleges to provide workshops for instance. I see it as the perfect opportunity to build and or work on your communication skills. This team will also be collaborating heavily with the other rhubarbTV teams as well as other societies within Holloway. We also have plans to work with other University TV student stations. So, if you want to help be a part of this ever-expanding station, there really is no better place to be!” – Eshan Puri, Head of Outreach 

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As head of training, I guarantee that – you guessed it – you get trained! This yealaura pic for siter I will organise multiple training days, focussing upon the basics such as camera operation and editing, as well as more specialist elements of television including presenting, design, and cinematography! Our goal is to make sure that absolutely all members of the station are trained to an appropriate standard, so if you miss any of these, email me for a one-to-one session.