This team is in charge of getting our name out there in order to increase our brand awareness. This is achieved both online via social media, using posters and other visual aids, as well as liaising with external businesses. The team is also responsible for setting up events that both publicise our brand to our target audience, and are a whole load of fun! If you have ideas for the next big event, have skills in Photoshop or want to learn all about publicity, join the team! 

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The Marketing team will be working on promoting the exciting events rhubarbTV will be organising throughout the year. Furthermore, the marketing team will be sharing the amazing content created by the various rhubarbTV teams for the world to see. Make sure to join this team as the people are extremely friendly and the skills learned throughout the year will be invaluable in the future.” – Matt Cliffe, Head of Marketing

Social Media

“The social media team are going to be very involved in each event, ensuring there is a lot of coverage on our sites to attract as many people as possible. Using three main platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) as a way of promoting rhubarbTV will be very important, rewarding and exciting in ensuring the expansion of rhubarb!” – Saskia Potts, Head of Social Media


The Web Team

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“Every successful television station needs an online presence. If you have an interest in web design and/or coding, join the web team to take part in improving and expanding the website. We hope to make the site an essential part of rhubarbTV going forward, so don’t miss this chance to help bring our vision to life!” – Samwise Diamond, Head of Web

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