Cassie Boyce- Station Manager

Cassie“I’m Cassie and I am honoured to be the Station Manager for 2017/18! This will be my third year working with rhubarbTV, which I hope will give me a unique perspective into how best to take the direction of the station. Alongside my Deputy Station Manager Rosalind, amazingly talented Production Board and dedicated members, I want to make rhubarbTV the hub of student entertainment and information at Royal Holloway, and develop the station into its own brand that works with the wider community to create stories that are creatively challenging, inspiring, funny, and most of all content that we can be proud of producing.”

Rosalind Hulse- Deputy Station Manager 

“I joiRos 2ned rhubarbTV during my first term at RHUL. Straight away I was struck at what it had to offer, and the colourful people that were naturally drawn to it. Two years on, and I am proud to still be a part of rhubarb. Helping it grow, helping it adapt and always ensuring it remains just as warm and welcoming as it did two years ago. As Deputy Station Manager, I hope to work with you, for you, and because of you over the next year. Two years at rhubarb has shown me what I can achieve, it has also shown me what we can achieve, together. I’m here for you and your projects.”                   

Charlotte Hutton- Head of Operations

charlotte pic for site“As the head of operations for rhubarbTV, my role is to support the station manager and assistant station manager throughout the year. I also create the newsletter to let members know of ongoing and upcoming opportunities with rhubarbTV. This year I want to work with the station manager to support students in creating quality content and gain experience in media production.”